well this is absurd


since those cr1tikal core posts I’ve gained a ton of followers. there’s a 1 in 6 chance you don’t know who I am, so I’m going to introduce myself:

im sci. I make music. specifically electronic stuff, as you may have inferred already. beyond just “electronic”, my output varies greatly:

hopefully you can find something that you enjoy!

most of my stuff is available on my bandcamp as pay-what-you-want including $0, but donations are appreciated! (especially since I’ve gotten into a habit of commissioning awesome album art and not breaking even lol) But don’t feel obligated to donate! even the albums that have a price set, I’m cool with you pirating/sharing.

not sure what else to mention here and I think I’ve talked enough about myself anyway, so yeah! 

thanks for following me, you’re wonderful! <3

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the continuing adventures of the Aperture Science Apathy Core (aka cr1tikal)

this episode: cr1tikal gets connected to the management rail

(taken from this video)

You've probably been asked this already, but what did you use to make cr1tikal sound like a core?

so far I’ve been asked three times, but sure

the quick and dirty is this:

  1. EQ and compress the shit out of the original file (I tried to get the base frequency to be nice and clear). remove any noise if you can
  2. open the audio file up in melodyne
  3. make sure you’re working in melodic mode
  4. apply pitch correction to everything
  5. remove all pitch modulation
  6. adjust the pitch of each syllable manually
  7. optional: adjust the formants a bit as needed (I went a bit overboard with this with my first post, so his voice ended up sounding two semitones too high)

as for why the first step is crossed out: applying compression at this stage is what I did, but probably not very wise in retrospect lol

Hi Sci! Are you planning to make more Cr1tikal-bot voice clips? ;v; I was just wondering because when I found them I laughed harder than I have ever in months <3

oh dear, that post really took off, didn’t it?

I’d like to make a few more voice clips, yeah. I’ve been rewatching a bunch of cr1tikal’s videos at random, and basically: if I spot something I think would work, I’ll go for it! 

that said, it’s not top priority. I’m trying to focus on finishing up the last few songs for my next album. I’ve been pretty lazy about that recently @_@

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NO WAIT I just thought of a better example of cr1tikal as a personality core!

chopped from this video

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I’ve noticed that the way cr1tikal talks kind of resembles an Aperture Science Personality Core

I GLaDOS-ified his voice from this video and I have to say I think it works (aside from my own lazy editing)

edit: main complaint is that his voice wasn’t deep enough. i fixed that now!

Remix War VIII

I didn’t participate but I still want to post something about it

so I’m just going to list my favs:

I haven’t heard the original for most of these, but these remixes were lovely. shoutout to everyone that entered!

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looking for free kontakt libraries

found this

please hold as I enjoy the novelty

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I want to make loud stupid stuff but these are much more cathartic so

anosa - give every man thy ear, but few thy booty

my small contribution to the amazing Academy of Booty