quite some time ago, I got into a sort of “make the must elegantly unusable tumblr theme” secret pissing contest with generalmumble 

secret like…he didn’t even know about it for several months. and even then he was just like “oh. kay.”

here’s how it worked:

  1. roll some dice.
  2. get all 1s?
  3. flip a coin.
  4. heads?
  5. the entire page is rotated by 0.1 degrees.
  6. tails?
  7. the entire page disintegrates slowly. 

a few people noticed, which is still amusing, but I’ve removed the code from this blog and sent it to my alt blog


jangojips replied to your post:You’re an religious experience, like wow I think I found my Goddess, Eris in your music. It’s just fantastic. And the critikal-clips are really funny.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA tears. Eris is the goddess of chaos. they are calling your music chaotic and unharmonious. accurate :p

yes exactly

that is what I strive for

or something

You're an religious experience, like wow I think I found my Goddess, Eris in your music. It's just fantastic. And the critikal-clips are really funny.

I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this, but I’m happy to hear it anyway :D

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I don’t know what happened here,

but I think I am comfortable with vocaloid stuff now. 

based on the limited feedback I got, the lyrics aren’t very clear

so here are the lyrics in text:

I know I’m gonna shit my fuck
so please serenade my candy ass
but why are you stirring my pasta
I guess I’ll just go fuck myself then

(all from cr1tikal videos, of course.)

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so let me tell you about an amazing show: Steven Universe.

and let me tell you about an amazing episode of that show: Steven and the Stevens. 

like. that song at the end. holy shit.

so anyway I thought it’d be cool to remix it in the style of BMSR (circa Cobra Juicy), with lyrical changes to reflect more of a perspective of Steven’s experiences.

however, I am not good at lyrics. or imitating BMSR’s style apparently. but here’s a start that I am fairly happy with!


underwater arches and a sense of wonder
that never leaves my eyes
I learned to stay true to myself
by watching myself die

original: https://soundcloud.com/aivisura/steven-and-the-stevens-jeff

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I don’t know what happened here,

but I think I am comfortable with vocaloid stuff now. 

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if you thought I wouldn’t stay up til 3 am writing stupid booty synthpop to learn this vocaloid software…

then you thought wrong :D

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for some reason I suddenly felt the urge to make something with a vocaloid despite having no idea how

so after plugging away at it for like 90 minutes, here’s….something.


dis booty be rockin and i think i want to shake all the booty

what an educational experience

Excuse me, I'm just really curious on how, or even, where you learned or practiced to do half the stuff you do. I mean, what would someone like me start with to learn the very basics?

ah! perhaps unsurprisingly, that is a broad question. but I love helping to get people into making music, so I’ll try and answer this:

1. you’re going to need some way to deal with sound files. 

this is the basic stuff: converting between formats, quick volume adjustment, chopping and cropping

i use an ancient version of soundforge pro, but I think audacity is a popular (and free) choice

I also use XMPlay as my main media player, and it has approx 1 billion plugins for opening various file formats. I can use it to convert a ton of stuff to .WAV and normalize automatically, so that’s handy! (It’s a damn fine media player, too)

2. you’re going to need to find a DAW you’re comfortable with

"DAW" meaning"Digital Audio Workstation" meaning "the thing you actually make your music in".

As best I can tell, there is a sort of holy trinity of popular DAWs: FL Studio, Reason, and Ableton Live

and then there’s the back alley where you find my DAW of choice: OpenMPT

(A quick note here: most modern DAWs use piano rolls for writing melodies/etc. OpenMPT is a tracker, which looks a bit more like MS Excel than a piano. Piano rolls and trackers fundamentally different ways of making music.)

Ok so, besides the tracker vs piano roll, every DAW you look at will feel different.

DON’T buy a DAW until you’ve tried it out, tried several alternatives, and have decided you’re comfortable with it. It’ll probably take a while, but that’s ok. It’s a lot of shit to learn. :P

3. you’re going to need a way to make sounds

freesound.org is a common resource for samples, but that’s super hit/miss for me.

if you dig around you can probably find some good sample packs or soundfonts

perhaps most importantly: VSTs!! there’s a ton of ‘em! half of which are free!


go crazy

some essentials if your DAW doesn’t already have them: get a filter, an equalizer, a delay plugin, a reverb plugin, and a compressor. I also made a post with a bunch of rad free VSTs you can pick up, so play with that too!

3½. you will REALLY HEAVILY BENEFIT from looking at other people’s project files

you can steal sounds from existing songs this way, too. super handy!

however, project files may be hard to acquire if you use not-OpenMPT. 

if you use OpenMPT (or any other tracker) then you’ve got about 25 years of archived stuff to pull from. :D

if you want the project file to any of my songs, just ask and I’ll see what I can do (some stuff I don’t want to distribute, but yeah)

4. you will HEAVILY BENEFIT from the ability to look at sound

refering to XMPlay again: it comes with a spectrogram, called “Spectrum (3D)” in the visualizer list. play your favorite songs and see what they look like. then play the songs you made, see how different they look. figure out why they look different.

it’s the best tool I’ve ever used to get a grasp on how sounds work

there’s a VST version called Sonogram SG1, for in-DAW use

FL Studio also has a spectrogram included, called “wave candy” iirc. 

5. you probably shouldn’t share your first few songs with the world

share with your friends, make some musician friends, share with them. hold off on writing that email to OWSLA. 

soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp? go for it. 

it will take a while before you get good. and that’s normal. just be open to learning and having fun and you should be golden!


ok I think that covers the basics of the basics. feel free to ask me other questions!

hope that helps!

generic question incoming, how long have you been making music? i like your music for all the obscure sounds and i've been wondering how long you've been working on your "style"

I started making "sounds" around fall of 2005 (…almost exactly 9 years ago in fact!)

I started making music around early 2007

I started becoming decent at music around April 2010, when I met some really cool musician friends 

my style as it stands currently started to emerge around mid 2012, as a joke (lol i steal sounds, ima sound criminal)

over time it matured into uh….something. 

well, “matured.” half the stuff I make is also a joke. for example, my latest album has 2 tracks where the titles are anagrams for the samples I used. 

if you’re curious, I have mixtapes that kind of show how I’ve grown over time, going retroactively back to 2005 (though the first 5 years are as yet unreleased because tbh they are not very flattering lol)

check ‘em out: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013